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favouri▓te companion of his youth No, no, no! Oh! Lady ●Emily, you bade me once thank God t●hat I had never been deceived●; t

Ras justo lacure

each me how to bear this.” “Bear what,▓ my poor child” replied her co▓mpanion, soothingly, as Annie threw herself o▓n her

Aliquam pellente

neck in fearful agitation.“If this ●be indeed as you say, what can there ●be but happiness for you It is for ▓another we must


feel.” “Happiness for ▓me! and he has never even so far ▓thought

Nunc dignissim risus

e inspired that ▓group, when—when he has allowed me so long ▓to believe him dead” “It i●s all a mystery, my dear child; but I feel ●convinced it will be solved, if we ●can really prove his identity.May he

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not hav●e written, and the letter misca●rried” Annie wildly raised her head.“May ▓he not have been deceived perhaps〃埅for we can never trace rumours—but ma▓y he not have heard that of you which,● to a

Integer viteo libero

mind like his, would cause h●im to shrink from recalling himsel▓f He left you such a child, h●ow might he build on having so won▓ your regard that you would remain single for ●his sake Dearest Annie,


if this indeed▓ be not all imagination, and Reginald ▓really lives, trust me you will be h●a


And I,● my dear sister, will act as that▓ man should whose aim is not the gra●tification of h

e unworthy.W▓here is Annie poor child, s▓he must be ov

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